Tangos de mi corazón

Since I began dancing tango I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the complexity of the musical phenomenon and enraged by the difficulties I encountered in finding the beloved tangos de mi corazón. My very first tango CD was a compilation from the scientific workshop La Fisica in Ballo and it contained some of the best tango songs, but I had no titles, no author references, nothing! It also contained only 20 or so pieces, so I rapidly got obsessed with those and my parents equally rapidly began to dread the moment of the day when the notes of Desde el alma or Bahia Blanca would fill the house 🙂 . It became a matter of extreme importance (to save mine and my parent’s sanity) to find a way of acquiring more tango music.

I began, as I imagine all of us tango dancers/listeners did, roaming the various music stores in Genoa, desperately searching for anything, anything at all, that didn’t fall in the tango-trash category. I discovered that only a few of the compilations in the stores fit this simple requirement and as for the complete albums, the research is even more frustrating. Yes, you can find Piazzolla, Pugliese and that’s about all, nothing more.

The next step underlines the differences in generations, I believe. From the tales and stories I heard from the old dancers (only in years of tango, no offence meant 🙂 ) here in Genoa, the process of acquiring new and more tango music has always been a difficult and long one, comprising trips to Buenos Aires, mail order, e-commerce and a “black-market” of exchanges that honours their perseverance. On the other hand there are the “new” generations of tango dancers that, more often that not, acquire music in ways that are either illegal or on the border, such as peer-to-peer systems of exchange and similar means. The web has become an integrated part of the tango exchange and this is, I believe, not easily accepted by some of those who had to travel all the way to Buenos Aires to get their hands on a Biagi or Rodriguez CD. This is NOT in anyway meant to criticise or to say that the mp3 files are enough to make you a tango-music expert, but surely nobody can deny that for younger people, in the tango field as in all others of their musical knowledge, Internet is the first step towards the possible purchase.

That being said, I also developed an obsession about lyrics, or letras, since I usually prefer to understand what I am listening to. This convinced me to learn some Spanish and to dig the net for possible letras-mines. The two most comprehensive websites in this particular regard are Todo Tango and the more obscure site located on the (hear! hear!) Server Gardel (I absolutely adore those guys!!!

The scope and purpose of this place is to be a collection of letras de tango, of those tangos I love, the tangos de mi corazón.



One Response to “Tangos de mi corazón”

  1. I added “Flores del alma” and “Caminito”.

    La Bruja

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