I’m a bad bad blogger!

I’m a bad bad blogger, all these months without a post and with Argentina and Peru in the middle of it all. I feel like writing in Italian, today and all the days before today, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t post before.

I also feel like I cannot explain Argentina to everybody out there. I had imagined the furious writing, before during and after my journey, but it didn’t happen, because it really was cathartic for me. not just the Luna park I’m telling everyone it was. So I also feel like a bad blogger, that should instead be excited to be able to write down and share such a wonderful experience. Looks like my blogging calling stretches only so far.

I swear it was wonderful, I met Tina (and it was wonderful too 🙂 ) and a whole lot of wonderful people, but that’s about all I’m able to write now.

I suppose I must assimilate it before.

I also feel that tango gave me a lot, but that I also let it rob me of parts of me, so I decided I’ve got to make them surface again, as I cannot fully be myself otherwise.

So back again to my other friends, to my ‘other’ music, to the rest of my life that I have neglected too often and way too much in the last 3 years (almost).

It must have been finding again one of my best friends, after 5 years of seeing her no more that 3/4 days a year, since she moved to Denmark. It must have been being able to play with her newborn daughter for a month, with our other two best friends. It must have been being able to go out with them.

…it could also have been Facebook, now I think about it… 🙂

well, whatever it was I’m grateful. I’m offered the opportunity to stay in the middle of these two lives, now that I’ve learned that I cannot live without tango, nor without my other life.

So this is a post to tell you all that I want to begin again to write on the blog, but that maybe it won’t be all about tango anymore, even if it will be A LOT about tango, I’m Pensalobien, after all.

But I’m also Elentari, myself before the tango.

e così potrò tornare ad avere una scrittura involuta.

At last.

.con tante recriminazioni al dio ostile che ha creato il tempo e la distanza. G.Apollinaire


~ by PensaloBien on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m a bad bad blogger!”

  1. Welcome to Tango Maturity. The realization that although there is a universe in Tango, Tango is not the Universe.

  2. Let it seep in…the tango that goes in our ears and comes out our feet…let it seep in and then bubble up through your heart and out your fingertips…in due time…glad you had fun…

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