Thank you

I wanted to thank all the people that, on the blog and elsewhere, gave me advice, told me their experience and in general encouraged me in many ways for my (now) forthcoming trip to Argentina and Peru.

It has been a real pleasure hearing these experiences and receiving all the advice and proposal for help to make the most of this journey, I hope to receive more and I wanted to say to you all that you’ve been of great help and that you also made me want to go there even more 🙂 .

I thanked and I’ll thank the people who I regularly see in person, but I here on the net I especially want to thank those who I won’t see until I get to Argentina and those who I won’t see for who knows how much time, since they’re on the other side of the world. In strict alphabetical order.

Alex, whose blog provides both wonderful posts and wonderful photos of the most strange and non tango-related things

Barry, that I met on youtube and always sends me great music and challenges me with the most wonderful or strange conversations

Cherie, that demonstrates how people can love a kind of tango and yet be civil and open and all the things I never dreamed of in my city

Damian, whom I met in person and had a great time dancing with, but now has gone back to Australia

Deby, who writes the first tango blog I ever found and read and continue reading, because it’s so great

Jantango, who I don’t know, not even on the net, but thank you very much anyway for your comments and advice

MissTango, who writes wonderfully and, apart from tango, made me discovery very interesting stuff about BsAs even before I decided to go there

and Tina, that I might meet here in Italy sometime in the future, but for the moment I expect to meet in BsAs

So, everybody, a very heartfelt thank you, grazie mille.


And now back to my exams, which are now the real reason that keeps me away from my blog.


~ by PensaloBien on July 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Hey, we look forward to having you down here! We will definitely meet. 🙂

  2. aawww, de nada 🙂

  3. Looking forward, Veronica!

  4. Thank you, Veronica, for the thank you! What a nice surprise to visit and find it. I just hope we can dance together some day soon. I’m sure you will have tons of fun in BA. P.S. Give me a few more months and I hope to be back to more tango related stuff.

  5. Hah I am actually the first reply to your awesome article!?

    • No, you’re not the first and thank you for the “awesome article” bit 🙂
      It was a really heartfelt article because I felt so lost when I decided to go to BsAs (happy, of course, but I bit scared too) and so many people giving me advice made me feel better and really grateful that there are good people out there in and on the internet.

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