Another tango, another week

Seems odd to admit it, but I count my weeks (when I don’t have particular University appointments) from the tango evening I love most of all here in Genoa, Saturday@Milonga Brava.

So here I am, beginning a new (tango) week with a not so new, but much loved tango: Humillacion.

Tanguera explicitly requested it to be put in the Tangos de mi corazon page and so I did, here. In the page, instead of the usual audio file with the best version of the tango I could find, I put two videos, with two great couples dancing to the wonderful D’Arienzo and Biagi version of Humillacion. So go and take a look at Javier and Geraldine and to Sebastian and Mariana dancing, four alien dancers that makes it better to watch, but much much worse to dance for all of us mortal and terrestrial tangueros 🙂 .

And now for me it’s time to get ready, magically become 9cm higher and go out there dancing on the notes of D’Arienzo.

La Bruja_dancing mode:on


~ by PensaloBien on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another tango, another week”

  1. Of course, Biagi’s is best…

  2. to tell you the truth I don’t really know which version I prefer. It depends on my mood…or on the weather maybe 🙂

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