Argentina…here I come

I bought the tickets…THE tickets to go to Buenos Aires and Peru this coming August! I’m so happy and I can’t quite believe it actually, but I got the confirmation e-mail of the flight if my doubts increase too much. I’m going in August and I know it’ll be crowded with tourists, but hey, I’m a tourist too, so I’ll just have too bear with the queues and all other drawbacks of the touristic season, but who cares? I’m going!!!

And we’re going too Peru too, to see all the historical sites, Titicaca lake and, if we can manage, an area on the coast which, we are told, is wonderful from a naturalistic point of view (and my boyfriend would be delighted to go, so he can take all the pictures he wants of penguins, sea lions and seals).

I don’t have other info about my trip as yet, but I’ll post again about it if there’s something particular, I must not think about it too much, otherwise I’ll trouble sleeping :).

If any of you want to share some advice for Peru or Argentina I’ll be grateful, otherwise just wish me luck 🙂

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~ by PensaloBien on April 29, 2008.

9 Responses to “Argentina…here I come”

  1. Good luck and have fun! Oh…I see you’re not going until August…but it will be here before you know it…

  2. thanks! I’m already preparing for the trip, reading guides and everything I can lay my hands on, so I’m glad I have some time to prepare, actually 🙂

  3. Auguri!! You made the first step – buying the ticket! (my first time commenting on your blog)…
    As for tourists, I don’t think it will be too crowded down here in August – that’s the middle of winter here so you’ll be able to get around pretty easily. There will probably be a lot of Europeans due to August vacations, but I’d say the big tourist season is more like December/January/February – summer 🙂

    August will come before you know it. Buon viaggio 😉

  4. Yes!! I’m so happy about this ‘first step’ because it took so long to fit everything in and find a period in which to go!
    Grazie degli auguri!


  5. Veronica, I hope I get to meet you when you are here!

  6. I hope so too! I’m coming in the country where live all the bloggers I read more, I really hope I can meet at least some of you, probably in a milonga somewhere around the city 🙂


  7. Depending on the dates and how long you will be in Buenos Aires, you may be here for the 10th Festival Buenos Aires Tango (Aug 15-23) and the 6th Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango (Aug 23-31). It’s the first time that the festival precedes the campeonato.

    There are more than 100 milongas each week, so it is possible to go where there are no foreigners, only locals. Read all the tango magazines online before you arrive and print a list of the milongas.

  8. I’ll be there for the Campeonato, but not for the Festival, because I’m going to Bs As from 16 August to 2 September and then go to Peru for the remaining days.
    So I think I’ll see the whole Campeonato, but I also wanted to explore the reality of tango we can’t see outside BsAs, so I think I’ll ‘try out’ the milongas where there are no tourists (well, except me, of course :)).
    Thanks for the info


  9. I look forward to reading your impressions of Buenos Aires! I love reading through fresh eyes.

    As for Peru, that is very exciting. I have never been, but you know it is going to be very cold in August! Much colder than you think, so come prepared.

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