Well, let’s hope the third republic isn’t the last.

I decided to stray from the usual path of Tango I chose for my blog (which I abandoned on only two or three occasions, either for something really silly or something really serious…meaning that only extreme situations can deflate my attention on the Obsession).

As you have read in the miserable post scriptum I wrote at bottom of last post Italy in now once again to be ruled by the right coalition guided by Silvio Berlusconi [or the psiconano (psycho-dwarf) or il nano di Arcore (dwarf from Arcore) or the principal esponent of the other alliance, as Veltroni kept calling him during the election campaign to general amusement except for the piqued replies of none others than Berlusconi himself]. You can also gather from the tone of these few lines that I’m not very happy with the outcome of the elections, but before labelling me as one more nostalgic communist, deluded left-wing supporter or something of the sort let me clear the fact that I have no problems with a right coalition being in power (well, I would prefer the left one, by a long shot, but that’s not the point of democracy, is it? The alternate government is something I’m perfectly comfortable with), I have serious problems with this sort of right coalition being in power, with Berlusconi being in power, with self-declared fascists being proposed as candidates (and automatically elected due to the idiotic voting system created during the Berlusconi legislature in 2005 and defined an obscenity by its creator, see the link to the wikipedia page dedicated to Italian Parliament and, particularly, to its electoral system). I have big problems with people who burned the Italian flag in the past being in the government and with members of the Mafia (already condemned by Italian courts) being called heroes by Berlusconi himself (here the video).

I have problems, in short, with a coalition that calls itself a ‘moderate right’ coalition but is, in fact, a rather disorderly mass of weak people seeking protection from the law, of greedy citizens who don’t care how many times they have to commit crimes in order to get rich, of the sad image of the average Italian who admires Berlusconi because he’s a self-made man, ignoring (sometime willingly and knowingly) that he became so consorting with the worst kind, avoiding trials by mere technicalities (or, in the last years, thanks to laws his own government approved), making connections with important and often dishonest people thanks to his membership in the Masonic lodge P2, who counted among its members also members of the Argentina military junta of the ’70s and ’80s and whose Italian members tried a coup d’état in 1970 (among other various misdeeds).

The left coalition has always been weak in Italy ever since it has been possible for it to gain power, the only exception being the happy, though economically difficult, season that saw Italy enter Eurolandia (as we, in Italy, call the group of European nations that abandoned their currencies in favour of the Euro). It has been weak for many reasons and while some can be attributed to the critical geopolitical position Italy held during the Cold War and the years immediately following the disappearance of the Warsaw pact, now those reason can’t be considered valid anymore. It has been almost 20 years and the Italian left should have been able to become a cohesive political force fit to rule a country. However it has not and this last is the nth demonstration of the power of misinformation over the political immaturity of a population that was not allowed to create a critical view over the events (political or not) of its own country for almost 4 decades and then became of a lazy mind losing all inquisitiveness.

These are, of course, only overall bitter thoughts over an event that seriously threatens to throw Italy head first in the solid wall of insane protectionism and improbable economic measures that marked the last Berlusconi legislature, but..

I think I can consider myself in good company.

please see the various links inserted inthe text for further information, I chose the most neutral sources I could find.

La Bruja_really, too sad to have a mode on.


~ by PensaloBien on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “Well, let’s hope the third republic isn’t the last.”

  1. As I was a child and I had holiday, when other childs asked me where I come from and I said “Arcore”, it was allways necessary to specify: “a town near Monza, province of Milan”.
    Now no explication is more needed.
    Now that I live abroad (volitional exile?!?) even here enough people have heard about Arcore.
    I would really like, Arcore would still be that little unknown town it was.

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