Ljubljana Tango Festival

I’m gonna miss it. I’ve known it for weeks, but now that the Festival is about to start it’s more bitter.

This weekend Italy holds the nth early elections of its history, I work at the polls and so I’m gonna be stuck here while in Ljubljana they dance, study and have fun in spite of me!!! (I’m just in a moment of extreme self-pity, I know they don’t do that on purpose)

For all this and much, much more I can personally thank this idiot.mastella al suo meglio

I’ve been ashamed for years to say that he was in the coalition I gave my vote to, but now the nightmare is over, he and nearly every top ranking personalities in his party are being (or have recently been) under inquiry for various crimes.

Thank God every other party in Italy refused to propose him as a candidate in these coming elections. He played so dirty that even the right coalition, which he favoured toppling the government, probably under the impression that they were going to be ‘grateful’ (to put it mildy) and that usually proposes as candidates (among the honest people) members of the Mafia and people on trial for various reason, refused him.

La Bruja_vindictive mode:on

p.s. I decided to reduce Mastella to the size of a stamp ’cause he was disfiguring the otherwise quite nice aspect of my blog and, what’s more, we lost. So not going to Ljubljana meant nothing except that I’m one of the 40% of Italians who thought Berlusconi and his fascist and xenophobe pals could not represent them and hoped (beyond hope) to get rid of him for good. Too much optimism, I suppose.


~ by PensaloBien on April 12, 2008.

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