Muxing Tango

the old times

In the last weeks there has been a lot of movement on the web for the newest 2.0 sensation: muxtape.

I think everybody remembers the time lost and the difficult choices involved when creating the infamous mixtapes for friends, relatives and so on..well..the concept behind muxtape is the same, creating a compilation, song by song, and then sharing it on the net. Every user can create only one muxtape and then everybody can hear it and save it in their favourites if they like it.

I think that the philosophy of the mixtape is still a very popular one in the tango world, expecially when far from BsAs and the rich and wonderful CD stores there, only we upgraded it at least to the CD compilation level if not to a mp3 level. But the choice of the tangos, milongas and vals are just as long and careful as they were when creating a mixtape, because if it’s true that our musical tastes define a bit of what we are, this is also true in tango, if not even more so, since the music influences the dance style and so on..

For this reason I thought it would be great to create a network of tango muxtapes..I have made mine here, I didn’t put only tango music in it, after all I’m not ‘only tango’ myself, but it has more than its fair share of visibility.

I’m lauching this challenge, would we care to surprise others with our choices and to make others discover new tango music that they don’t know? I already discovered two new groups I like on different muxtapes, so it would be great to have the same possibility with tango.

La Bruja_2.0 mode:on


~ by PensaloBien on April 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Muxing Tango”

  1. cool. . . i’ll add a mux

  2. fun, but the site is kind of slow. this review favors mixwit over muxtape:

  3. I’ll try mixwit and see..I liked the slowness because it seemed to go back in time when I had to create the 90’mixtapes to listen to on the bus 🙂

  4. haha, ok, here is mine:

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