Hello everybody, my computer (7-month old) died two days ago with no hope of resurrection, despite it being the season for it. Sony promised to give it back to me in 10 days and I hope it will, for the time being instead I lost all the work I was doing on translating a guide (sigh) and the already quite long post I was writing about Turin Tango Festival.
Before going back to translating again what I already translated (but it’s lost in the hd of the deader than dead computer) I wanted to say two things:

1) I’m saaaaaaaaaad that Turin Tango Festival is already gone, it’s been wonderful and I enjoyed it very much, made a lot of friends, danced, studied and, finally, I got to meet Daikil and Emma from Tanguear, after months of writing to each other on the web (only thanks to Emma who was sensible enough to put a photo on her profile, a photo where you can actually discern her face, not like mine 🙂 )

2) I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again, seeing that I’m using my parent’s pc and it’s ancient and, of course, shared, but before I slip into the land of over-long silence I wanted to take a load off my chest about the ‘tango situation’ in Genoa, as I like to call it.

It’s becoming ridiculously unbearable to dance here, not because of the events/dancers/milongas themselves, which are as good as ever, even better sometimes, but because of the actions of one of the teachers here in Genoa, who has begun a campaign against everybody whom he doesn’t like or he doesn’t think is behaving ‘properly’. Him being the sole and uncontested judge. I have become one of his many targets I really want to say something about this situation, because even if I can’t confront him (this according to my boyfriend who thinks it would be unwise to boost the strife even further) I want to have the possibility to say my take on the matter.

He is ‘accusing’ me of having opened a tango school (which is not true, but which is not even a crime, as far as I know), he is ‘accusing’ me of being a bad dancer, which really is his opinion, I don’t want to confute it and (really) I don’t care, he’s telling all sorts of lies about me and my boyfriend, about how we’re very cocky and full of ourselves, how we’re steadily working against him (??), he is spreading these news with every bit of Constance and malice he is capable of.

This is what he’s doing to me, he’s doing similar things to other selected people and spreading the bad news about us all everywhere he goes.

I think my fault, since I do have a fault in this whole mess, has been to trust him two years ago at the beginning of my tango, but I really couldn’t have known that he would become THIS obsessed, I really couldn’t have known that, good teacher though he is, I would have had to pay in anger, irritation and indignation all the things he taught me.

Anyway now the situation in Genoa is one of mounting anger and edginess both for and against him.

I think there will be blood.

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~ by PensaloBien on March 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “absence”

  1. Ma ciao! E’ stato bello conoscere una persona che fino all’altro giorno era virtuale. 🙂 Un abbraccio!!!
    Alla prossima!

  2. wow…the guy sounds like a paranoid schitzophrenic megalomaniac…sad for you (and bf) to be on the receiving end of his paranoia…best of luck in all that…

  3. thanks for the support, we (in Genoa) fool ourselves saying that in every tango community there’s someone like this, but I think we may have won the prize for the most absurd of idiots =)

  4. Hi Veronica,

    It’s difficult to deal with people like this teacher. I agree with your boyfriend that confronting him will make things worse because he will then know that he is getting to you and that his accusations are having a desired affect.

    The only way I know is to keep good humour and a smile and eventually his position will become untenable. In the mean time ignore his antics and provocations and get on with the rest of your life. He is after all just one person who seems, from what you say, to have a lopsided view of reality!


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