Ozhan and Serkan@Milonga Brava

Ozhan and Serkan
photo by Giovanni Paleologo

Last week-end at Milonga Brava, in Genoa, two wonderful dancers offered us great tango and milonga classes and four beautiful dances. They not only are really good dancers, but also nice persons, pleasant and interesting. Ozhan y Serkan, the dancers in question, really are a peculiar tango couple, for a start they are two guys. Unlike Los Hermanos Macana they improvise in their performance, thus interpreting the more profound spirit of tango. Finally, they’re from Turkey. Not that this is particularly strange lately, really good couples from all over the world are now (or, in some cases, have been for some time) invited to festivals and events, Stefano Giudice and Marcela Guevara , Alberto Colombo and Alessandra Rizzotti, Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt to name a few. Tango is no longer the sole reign of Argentinean couples and Ozhan and Serkan are an excellent example of this tendency.

The occasion also calls for a celebration because, finally!!!, I was able to record something worth viewing with this (now not so new) camera of mine,that till now was only able to film Sebastian and Mariana’s performance near Firenze, but it was so dark that you almost couldn’t discern what they were doing. Although, admittedly, even if the illumination had been better, it would have been difficult to understand HOW they were moving the way they did, but that’s just because they’re clearly extraterrestrial dancers, something like tango encounters of the third kind..

I’m now trying with all my might to upload Ozhan and Serkan’s dances on youtube, but it seems clear that whoever designs and projects YouTube has gone out of his way to complicate things if the file you want to upload it’s bigger than 100 MB, which my file, it goes without saying, is. No fear, anyway, perseverance is my second, well, third name, so I’ll do it somehow.

Going back to the supposed topic of this post…concentrate Veronica! concentrate! Ozhan and Serkan and oh! of course…the musicalizador!!! ’cause you see, Francesca had this stroke of inspiration in Firenze and invited an Argentinean dj, Ariel Yuryevic. To him go my most heartfelt compliments since I both appreciated his music and his dance..yep, this was the other definite up of the evening, a dancing musicalizador (not that our ‘usual’ musicalizadores don’t dance, on the contrary, they do it and very well, but this was really an added bonus, Saturday being Internationa Women’s Day and all)

Between the performances, many dances and drawings (with a dance with Ozhan, Serkan or Ariel as a prize…I didn’t win, but I danced with two out of three of them nevertheless, and it really was great 🙂 ) the evening passed as a flash, but videos and photos remains. I really want to thank Giovanni, who put all his photos on Flickr and linked them on our local tango list, so that really everyone could see them.



p.s. for more videos of Ozhan and Serkan I already posted one a few days ago here. Since youtube won, for the moment, here there’s only the video of the milonga they danced, but I’m planning on waging war and succeed..

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~ by PensaloBien on March 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ozhan and Serkan@Milonga Brava”

  1. Pensalo Bien,
    Just found you via my friend Cherie. Love these guys Ozhan and Serkan!
    Look forward to reading more of your blog,

  2. I love them both, they’re great dancers and teachers and they’re very nice people! I’m going to look at your website now 🙂



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