My tanda

It’s clearly a sign. I just found a video of Ozhan and Serkan dancing…LA BRUJA!!! So here is my tanda, the one that I’m really sad not to dance. La Bruja, Humillacion, En Flete, Mandria por l’orquestra de Juan D’Arienzo..






So, this is my tanda, I would have put Pensalo Bien instead of Mandria, but I couldn’t find a suitable video. And now I want to dance!! sigh, tipical, I’ve tortured myself..and I’m going to bed, now..

La Bruja_dancing mode:on




~ by PensaloBien on March 14, 2008.

One Response to “My tanda”

  1. I love your blog, Bruja, not only because it’s about Tango… but named after my *ABSOLUTE FAVORITES* D’Arienzo-Echague Tangos 🙂 🙂 It makes me think of how passionately you must feel about this Tangos, to set up the blog around them–something I love because they always make me “get up my chair” no matter how tired my feet may be 🙂

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