Palomita Blanca

I added ‘Palomita Blanca’ to the section ‘Tangos de mi corazon’, but since the audio file from todotango must be the worst version I ever listened to I’m adding this video, that was recorded in Fivizzano Tango Festival 2007, with Luis Stazo performing solo at the end of a lesson he gave during the festival.

He is playing ‘Palomita Blanca’, it’s only bandoneon and guitar and the result is incredible.

..and since this vals is also a signature dance of Naveira‘s I’ll throw him in for good measure :). This was taken during TangoMagia in Amsterdam last December.

The lyrics and music and video dedicated to…Lineacurva…since it will most likely be ages till we can dance, even if Torino is approaching.


~ by PensaloBien on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Palomita Blanca”

  1. I was there in Magia.. And i am also in this video sitting over there with an widely open-mouth.. 😀 It was such an amazing atmosphere to watch Gustavoy Giselle dancing 🙂

  2. I can understand the ‘open mouth’ attitude. definetly. 🙂


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