For a taste of a different kind of tango.I found the video with Ariadna Naveira this evening on youtube and I thought that it was fitting to post it together with a dance from the two, very good, Turkish dancers Ozhan and Serkan.The first video was recorded in La Marshall, a milonga in BsAs . The second during the Tango Queer Festival, also in BsAs, who took place in November/December 2007 and here Naveira’s daughter Ariadna and her dancing partner Paola seem to have won some kind of competition (I couldn’t find any specific info on the website), I’m reporting you what I read on TangOblivion

Las ganadoras, Paola y Ariadna Naveira. El segundo puesto fué para Cristian y Jessica y el tercero para Federico (novio de Ariadna) y Fernando Naveira (su hermano).

So that’s all folks 🙂 and enjoy the strange, but nonetheless very good, tango

La Bruja_strange tango mode:on


~ by PensaloBien on February 16, 2008.

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  1. […] for more videos of Ozhan and Serkan I already posted one a few days ago here. Since youtube won, for the moment, here there’s only the video of the milonga they danced, […]

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