.mind the hearth.

Energy conservation is a sensitive issue in our society or, at least, it should be. Therefore the more aware people are the better..the relatively small tango community can, sometimes, do its best to sensitize and spread the news that, if we don’t behave carefully, we could very well be in serious trouble in a few years.

For this reason I want to re-post an article appeared on Tanguear, an Italian blog by two tango dancers from Turin.

Il 15 febbraio 2008 presso il TeatroSporting in Corso Umbria 83 a Torino si terrà una maratona di tango che durerà fino al mattino seguente, con 3 dj ad alternarsi: Tango tradizionale Giuppi da Milano, Tango nuevo Don Nikò da Torino, Tango-jazz Luca Trupiano da Pisa.

Il tutto corredato da buffet, pasta dopo mezzanotte e colazione in mattinata; con le esibizioni di tango tradizionale di Marcelo Ballonzo & Elena Garis (Torino) e di tango jazz di Angelo Orazio & Anna Bi (Milano)… ma soprattutto, e questo mi piace ancora di più, a lume di candela (mi raccomando, ci tengo!). Il tutto a 13 eurozzi… complimenti agli organizzatori!

The event is an evening milonga with two couples dancing, ‘spaghetti a mezzanotte’ and later breakfast, everything by candlelight. It is only symbolical, it may be an isolated case, but it’s good nonetheless to know that tango organizers do give a look around our poor Hearth.

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~ by PensaloBien on February 10, 2008.

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