Otros Aires@Milonga Brava

milonga brava

The 11th of January in Genoa, at the Milonga Brava, Otros Aires performed wonderfully. So that’s the firm point and I don’t want to say that only to cause the envy of those, at least three out there that I know personally, who couldn’t be there and missed the show (and the fun)..so, sorry! 🙂

The video and the photo are all the medias I could gather from the event, because it seems that everybody was too taken by the performance to take pictures or film something and this, I think, is another proof of the energy that Otros Aires transmitted to the crowd assembled in S.Ilario that evening.

They did all their most famous songs and many encores, people danced all the time except there was not much space, because everyone who wasn’t dancing stood beside the stage like teenagers at a concert (no offence there, I was often one of them 🙂 ) singing and cheering when the new song began.

The evening passed very quickly (as all good things do) and soon we were eating focaccia with the band at 4.30 a.m. and then saying our goodbyes and going home or else leaving for another city.

I really hope to see them again live…

La Bruja_badly-written-journalism mode:on 🙂


~ by PensaloBien on February 4, 2008.

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