We all are Tango addicts

Searching for Italian blogs on Tango I found this one called Otrotango and particularly a post about the notorious Tango Addiction Syndrome. It’s so true, so hoplessly true that it turns on the hilarious side of the whole thing. It reminded me a lot of those list “You know you’re a tango junkie when…

I realize I am guilty of many of those charges…what can I say, as long as there are milongas in the area (which includes the two or three regions immediatly bordering mine 🙂 ) I am safe. The only thing I should really, REALLY stop doing is this:

You automatically do something Tango-ish whenever you navigate through a crowd.

Because this causes a whole lot of people staring at me when I walk.

Thinking about it I should also stop doing credit tranfers from the bank and start doing it on the web. I suspect I am becoming something of a rare and curious animal for the bank clerks…I’m alway paying for some kind of shoes… :\


~ by PensaloBien on December 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “We all are Tango addicts”

  1. Ma no scusa, quella è la cosa migliore! Sicuramente ti guarderanno per una camminata unica! 🙂

  2. probabilmente chiameranno la neuro prima o poi 🙂 ma credo che sia un pericolo che corriamo tutti noi tangueri!

  3. Ciao… ti ho visto!!! 😉 che bella sorpresa vedermi citata su un altro blog… grazie per avermi linkata e passa a trovarmi quando vuoi. Siamo un pò tutti malati da STD n’est pas??? Un abbraccio tanguero!

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