They are coming…

They’re on their way…soon they’ll be mine. 4eva!!!! (speaks with evil gleam in her eyes)


These are my new Comme il Faut shoes, they tend to bring tears to my eyes every time I look at them.

Somebody already told they look a bit too juventine for his liking (from Juventus, the Italian football club), but this is not going to stop me from loving them, even if I now feel I need to pay tribute to “my” team, which is Genoa. An old and proud Italian football team founded by some British guys who, in 1893 didn’t know what to make of their free time while in Genova.

Anyway, new shoes always have this way of making me rambling. I know all the ladies out there understand me, even if they don’t dance tango.

La Bruja_happy mode: on


~ by PensaloBien on December 7, 2007.

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