Talking Tango

Everybody out there who passed hours talking tango…raise your hand.

Everybody out there who overslept on an important day (because they were talking tango)…raise your hand.

Francesca , a Genoese tango dancer and teacher, told me once (one of those nights spent talking tango) that all these reasoning, all the conversations, every single moment spent treasuring this passion is actually dancing.

Now I am here in a cafe in Genoa, the Piccolo Mondo, listening to people talking tango and I can’t shake off the feeling that only one of them has an inkling of the fact that this is not a competition on how many episodes you can recount (countless times I might add), it doesn’t really matter if you spent more years than others frequenting the milongas.

I believe that all that matters is the willingness to listen and to continue your learning process.

This short post was only meant to vent out a bit of the frustration I felt at the moment. Must elaborate later.

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~ by PensaloBien on December 7, 2007.

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