Por las madres

Last night I cried, last night I laughed and I smiled, last night I was in theatre to witness the recollection of a journey.

I saw “Por la vida“, an outstanding performance by Elena Dragonetti, Raffaella Tagliabue and Max de Aloe (music).

It is a play about Argentina in its many forms, a story of tango, of course, that suddenly becomes something more profound and significant. A turning point in the authors’ life and a touching moment for the audience, even for those (like myself) that have never been to Argentina, but just heard the stories and the History of the place. It is a moving script, which unfolds under the audience’s eyes, that is split into two different paths that will, in due course, reunite and proceed together towards a possible better understanding of Argentina.


The story of the first tango-trip to Buenos Aires of Elena Dragonetti (picture above) becomes intertwined with her discovery that there’s much more to Baires than what meets the eye, that searching carefully you can still find the traces and the witnesses of the terrible recent past. Her South-American journey along this painful memory lane is accompanied by her friend’s attempt to understand a far away country and its history, firstly only through books and then with a research for authenticity and for tangible sensation in a Italian milonga. Raffaella Tagliabue has, thus, the difficult task to counterbalance with crude and terrible history the first part of the play which seems to be centered on Elena’s first tango experiences in Baires, the excitement, the sense of accomplishment and, yet, the slight dread of being on the other side of the Ocean, alone, for the first time.

Their path will unite during the unfolding of the pièce and finally both friends come to the realisation of the horrors, the despair and the raising hope woven into Argentina and it history.

This show really moves something profound into your soul, it had everyone crying (more openly or less) when the first experiences of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo were recounted, it also made us laugh, because very little in this play is about death, it’s more about life, la vida, that struggles to break free from the clutching arms of despair.

It’s more about what you do next, than what you can not do anymore.


If you want to watch a little something about this play there’s a clip on youtube, I’m afraid that’s in Italian, so some of you may not be able to understand, but anyway…


La Bruja





~ by PensaloBien on December 3, 2007.

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