Classy new style

Tomorrow morning I’m having my hair done…I suspect it will be quite drastic, so I thought, why not the blog too????

I like this way better, the other style was far too cheerful, but firstly I would like to point out that the wonderful image you can see on top of the page is just a small part of a great photo that someone took, someone I care about…so that’s that…(the link I mean)
All credits for this wonderful image go to doppiafronte, giano or whatever someone else has called him in the past and I think this is the right place and moment to thank him for giving me the possibility to try and do some photos myself, he knows really -.- this post should be just for him… =)

This has been a period of great blogging works and really I didn’t have time to write as I was so busy checking everywhere else, I’ll try to make up for this as it will be the main way to communicate with someone I’m going to miss soooo much, who is going away…sigh sigh…but promised to write in his own blog…

Last, but not least of this jumbling post (so sorry about that, it just came out this way and let’s face it guys, it’s about 1 a.m.!!!) I wanted to link at long last the Genoa Science Festival official blogging blog!!! ( to thank the 6 courageous bloggers who darted from one event to the other for 13 days and more… you guys were great, notwithstanding all difficulties and traumatic experiences that your “first-science-festival-experience” can bring… smirk…

That’s more or less that folks… I really wanted to talk tango, but the tango scene in Genoa is undergoing major changes, for the best I think… we’ll soon see if that’s the case…


~ by PensaloBien on November 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Classy new style”

  1. Comodo: oltre a scribacchiarti ripasso pure l’inglese…

  2. Thank you so much. Running the blog was (should I say “is”?) a hard job, but we managed to get to the end. And thank you and all the other guys for the great work.
    I loved being a part of it.

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