The burning obsession

Tango Tango Tango Tango, an obsessive thought that hunts every tango dancer day and night…well…especially at night.

I began studying and dancing Argentinean tango in December 2005, it was as though faith or chance or something wanted me to, that must be one of the craziest reason to start dancing but well, I began thanks to physics… As you all know (having read and appreciated my very first post =) ) I live in Genoa and we “have” a rather big and IMO wonderful science festival here… I was innocently working in a workshop on the second floor of one of the locations when, two floors above, people were dancing and revising physics in the process…I was oblivious to all this until the very last day. On that faithful day … smirk … I went to this workshop I heard about, La Fisica in ballo, and I discovered that I actually liked the dance, those wonderful guys there made me DANCE, I couldn’t believe it at first. ME, the girl with two left feet, always the tomboy, and I was dancing tango!!! not another lesser dance, I was dancing the most sensual one and I couldn’t quite believe it.

From that moment onward I began listening to the music, watching the videos and the shows, taking lesson almost everyday of the week and I was rapidly falling in love with an entire world and a new dimension. the passion hit very hard on me, but after all, within my tango group of friends (or maybe group of tango friends) I never knew otherwise…here here here, we are slowly arriving at the center and the purpose of this very post…

Yesterday I met on the bus an occasional tango dancer from my neighborhood, the key world being occasional. I was happy to hear that he plans to start again lessons and maybe start coming to the milongas (mostly they’re not that great in Genoa, but we certainly have a lot). I was so happy also because I always find it hard to understand how tango can be met with utmost indifference by certain people, and by certain people I mean occasional tango dancers and similar… I cannot conceive it, dislike, love, hatred, disgust yes, but not indifference towards tango, because tango, being a complex and complete world, can hardly be regarded with indifference.

It’s not necessary to go dancing every other evening or to pay a lot of money to participate to every tango workshop in the country, this passion can be lived in many ways, but my point is that tango is not a simple hobby, it can’t be a simple hobby, if only you look a bit closer and discover all this beautiful world of traditions, songs, great musicians and dancers, intricated rituals and so on…

I don’t mean to be a “tango integralist” and I don’t feel like one, seeing that I firmly believe that everyone should dance as they like (as long as they’re not impairing other’s liberty to do so), but in any case it’s difficult for me to understand how anyone who has been introduced in the world of tango could not share the burning passion that devours the vast majority of the tangueros around the world. I can only assume that my non-integralism streches only within the tango boundaries, sigh.

I realize that I should have recognised the symptoms earlier… I’m victim to one of the most blatant case of obsessive complusive disorder I’ve ever met…

Oh well, they say that acceptance is the first step toward healing so….I’m in denial!!!!! (evil laugh and maniac gleam in the eyes)


~ by PensaloBien on September 13, 2007.

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